At Digital Tories, one of our core objectives is to look to the future. As the country continues through a time of unprecedented change, we have been working hard to ensure that Conservative Party members stay at the centre of policy discussions on issues that affect our everyday lives.

After a successful first conference in Manchester last year, we’ve put together a series of panels and receptions to discuss all things tech in Birmingham at CPC22.

We’d be delighted if you could join us for these events. Last year we were standing room only at all of our events, so please sign up asap to secure entry. 

We can’t wait to see you! 


Protecting free markets is a core principle of modern Conservatism. As the Government plans to rewrite the rules on how digital markets work, we’ve assembled a panel of business leaders to discuss what changes will allow the digital economy to truly flourish.

Panellists include: CHAIR Pierre Andrews (Digital Tories), Alex Blowers (CityFibre), Camilla de Coverly Veale (Coedec), Drew Smith (Zoom), Luke Seaman (Klarna), Damian Collins MP (DCMS Minister)

Time/date: Sunday 2 October, 3.30pm to 5pm
Location: Concerto Room, Hyatt Regency Birmingham (inside secure zone)
Catering: Wine and soft drinks
This event is open to all, please do save the date in your diary by RSVP’ing below.


Britain has a proud democratic history, based on freedom of speech, free and fair elections, and freedom from oppression. But in the age of social media, our panel of experts ask: what is a Conservative response to increasing threats, from hostile actors and malign algorithms?

Panellists include: Pierre Andrews (DigitalTories) CHAIR, Parth Patel (IPPR), Alex Stepney (News UK), Poppy Wood (Reset), Damian Collins MP (DCMS Minister)

Time/date: Monday 3 October, 3.30pm to 5pm
Location: Drawing Room, Hyatt Regency Birmingham (inside secure zone)
Catering: Tea and Coffee
This event is open to all, please do save the date in your diary by RSVP’ing below.


The technology industry is ever-evolving, and striving to inspire more women into the sector. Join us, as well as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Chloe Smith MP, TalkTalk General Manager Susie Buckridge and our parliamentary patron Ruth Edwards MP, to meet and women and network with women in tech and celebrate a bright future for the industry together.

Time/date: Monday 3 October. 6pm to 7.30pm
Location: Castle Fine Art, ICC Birmingham (inside secure zone)
Catering: Wine and soft drinks

TUESDAY 08:00 | Panel: Why ending digital poverty will enable the levelling up of forgotten communities.

One in five children lack the device they need to connect to online educational tools.  1.5m people are totally offline, and ten times that number – nearly 15m – lack basic digital skills even though 82% of jobs need them.  How can we work at a local level to get more people digitally connected, which is now essential to access education, training, job opportunities, healthcare and even to find cheaper energy and the best deals.  Digital connectivity is vital to levelling up.

Chaired by the Digital Poverty Alliance’s Elizabeth Anderson, with guest speakers including Moira Thomas – Group Director of Sustainability, Currys plc; Matthew Lesh from the IEA; and Sarah-jane Sewell of Digital Tories, plus a high level party panellist.

Time/date: Tuesday 4 October. 8am
Location: Scherzo Suite, Hyatt Regency Birmingham (inside secure zone)
Catering: A full cooked breakfast buffet will be served.


Britons are leaders in advertising, digital, journalism, marketing, PR and publishing at both home and abroad.

In celebration of our achievements and with a look ahead to what the future might have in store, we invite representatives to our inaugural Industry Leader’s Reception. Drinks and canapés served. Kindly supported by the News Media Association, Opinium, Pagefield, PRCA and TechUK.

Time/date: Tuesday 4 October. 6pm to 7.30pm
Location: (inside secure zone)
Catering: Wine and soft drinks

There are limited spaces available. Invite only. If you believe you should receive an invitation, please request below.